Pre-Requisite: Must have already taken Dispatching Class

3 Days

Class Duration



Fri-Sat-Sun | 9:30 AM - 4 PM CST | dallas, tx


9:30 AM - 4 PM CST

dallas, tx

My 3 Day Freight Dispatching Intensive Event is the FIRST event EVER to be created in the industry that teaches you how to start your own freight dispatch business that generates unlimited passive income within 3 Days! You’ll learn step by step, from A-to-Z how to properly set up your freight dispatching business, how to efficiently operate your business, and the systems you’ll need to have in place to keep your freight dispatching business running passively and profitably on auto-pilot! This event can be attended either in person or virtually.

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Create A Legacy You Can Pass Down Generationally.

Create Passive Income.

Learn How To Start A Trucking Business Without EVER buying A Truck.

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what you'll learn during our 3-day freight dispatching intensive event

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refresher intro into freight dispatching

The prerequisite for this class is to have already taken a freight dispatching class. We will build upon the knowledge you already learned, ensuring you have the basic knowledge of understanding of the transportation industry and your role as a freight dispatcher.

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Setting up your business

You'll learn how to properly and legally set up your business, including all of the systems you'll need to have in place to run a smooth and efficient operation.

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load board training

You'll learn what a load board is, what type of loads to look for and look out for; including the full load booking process. As well as how to negotiate competitive rates with brokers. And secure and obtain dedicated freights with companies such as Amazon Relay and FEDEX!

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You will master the knowledge on the differnt types of equipment you will be dispatching.

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live broker calls

We will spend at least 10 hours making live broker calls and call for freight in different markets. So you will have mastered how the conversation should go and maximize a comfortability speaking with the broker.

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carrier acquisition

You'll learn every aspect of your new client, which is a carrier. You understand what legal requirements your carrier must have in order for you to service them. You'll understand where to find them; you'll actually make live phone calls selling your service to them as well.

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Dot Compliance

You'll learn how to help your clients to have a safe and DOT compliant company. You will understand the hours of service in ELD mandates and much more.

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transportation management software

You'll learn what systems you'll need to have in place so that you can successfully scale your freight dispatching business to 6-figures and beyond!

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additional services you can provide

You will learn the many different services that you can provide to your clients to increase your revenue and your new and exciting six-figure freight dispatching business.


plus bonuses

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Sample Contracts and Paperwork ($395 Value)

Free Load Board Subscription ($99 Value)

Terminology Guide ($39 Value)

Certificate Completion ($99 Value)

PRICE: $2000

TODAY JUST $1,750!!!

Allow Me To Pour My 23+ Years Of Trucking Industry Knowledge Into Your Trucking Business!

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